Cleveland Marriage Dissolution Attorneys

Cleveland, Shaker Heights Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

Today, fewer people are getting divorced and not always by choice. Many couples who would prefer to divorce stay married because they simply cannot afford to get a divorce. If you are concerned about the high cost of divorce, you have another option.

Dissolution of marriage offers a faster, easier and less expensive way to end a marriage than does contested divorce. In today's economy, it's an attractive option.

Dissolution of marriage is sometimes called "no fault divorce." It's a process in which the two parties resolve their issues with the help of an attorney. Both parties make a full financial disclosure of their assets and liabilities. Then they work to develop a plan for resolving all their issues, including:

After they develop an agreement on how to settle these issues, our attorneys will draft the appropriate documents and submit them to the court.

Dissolution has distinct advantages over a contested divorce.

  • It costs significantly less.
  • It's faster. You can end your marriage in as little as four to six weeks. A contested divorce can typically take six to 10 months.
  • It's more flexible. You have more control and more options. You and your spouse will craft a plan based on your own needs and objectives.

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