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Work together to make the best parenting plan for your child

When you're creating your first visitation plan, remember that it's likely to be changed. What you want and what the other parent wants may not be the same. However, having both of you draw up a plan is a good place to start. You can see where your plans overlap, and then you can discuss the days or times that you don't agree on.

Ohio courts hurting families, children in divorce

If you have to go to court for your divorce and have children, you want the court to do what's best for your family. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. A report from Sept. 26 states that Ohio's domestic-relations courts aren't dealing with parental separations as well as they should, and that's having an impact on children.

4 estate planning documents to revisit after a divorce

If you are thinking about getting a divorce or are already starting the process, you need to review your estate plans. Ending your marriage is a significant life change, which means you likely need to make some changes to your estate plans so it reflects your new desires. 

Getting a divorce? Collect these documents, now

The end of a marriage is often not something people see coming. They may know that things are rocky, but the idea of being divorced still may not cross their minds. When a spouse does finally ask for a divorce, it's heartbreaking and frustrating. Some people will want to try to work out the problems in the marriage, while others will prefer to walk away.

Financial knowledge is important for later-in-life divorces

The rate of divorce for Americans over 50 has more than doubled in the past 25 years. It's important to note that this rate is continuing to move upward for couples throughout Ohio and the rest of the nation. While divorce always involves an array of practical, emotional and financial challenges, the process can be even more difficult for older couples who have been married for a long time.

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