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Divorce Archives

Why couples get divorced

The reasons a marriage may end can vary from couple to couple. However, married couples in Ohio may benefit from learning about some of the most common reasons a divorce occurs.

Negotiating a helpful child custody solution

When parents in Ohio decide to separate or divorce, the question of how to handle child custody and parenting time can be both logistically challenging and emotionally fraught. Many parents want to have as much time with their children as possible, and it can be difficult to adjust to sharing time with a former partner. However, developing a reliable parenting plan for joint custody can be an important move forward that helps the children to adjust to their lives after divorce. Since joint custody is increasingly the choice of couples and family courts, it can be important to consider the family's schedules and needs when determining a plan.

Overcoming potential high-net-worth divorce obstacles

It's safe to assume that a lot of Ohio residents have caught wind of news about Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' divorce. Bezos and his wife of 25 years announced plans to split shortly after the start of the new year in 2019. While not too many couples in the Buckeye State -- or any state -- have the kind of money the Bezos family has, most high-asset divorces face obstacles over splitting complex assets.

Nesting can keep home life for the kids stable during a divorce

For Ohio couples with kids, getting a divorce can be particularly difficult. Even if the divorce is amicable, the children can still have difficulties with the transition from one household to two. In order to help their children, some former couples choose "nesting," also known as "birdnesting," as a way to keep the children's home life stable.

Myths about prenuptial agreements

Many people who get married in Ohio don't worry about getting a prenuptial agreement. There are many misconceptions about signing a prenup that stop couples from getting one when it would be in their best interests to consider it.

The health risks associated with divorce after 50

Divorce ranks second just behind death of a spouse as the life event most likely to contribute to stress-related health issues on a commonly used risk scale. Legally untying a knot can be stressful for Ohio couples at any age and more so for adults 50 and over. Part of the reason is because divorce rates for couples within this age group have doubled since the early 1990s, even though there are fewer splits among legally wed partners 40 and under these days.

Lack of hope may doom a marriage

Marriages in Ohio and elsewhere are more likely to last when both parties to the relationship are hopeful about its future. This hypothesis was tested in a 1992 study conducted by the University of Washington. It found that hopelessness in a relationship can also lead to a lack of hope in other areas of life. It also found that those who lacked it were most likely to be divorced within three years.

Dividing the marital assets of a business owner can be tricky

The foundational concept of splitting marital assets 50/50 in an Ohio divorce is well established. However, this rarely means that each spouse receives the exact same distribution of assets. It's most often necessary to award assets on an offset basis whereby the respective parties receive equivalent, rather than identical, assets.

Divorce and allocating retirement plans

The allocation of retirement assets can be a significant source of contention during a divorce. Ohio residents also have to be mindful of the manner in which they go about dividing such assets when they have finally reached divorce settlement terms. The various types of workplace retirement assets are governed by different rules, and dividing them in the wrong way can result in hefty taxes and fines.

Female breadwinners planning for the end of a marriage

Female breadwinners in Ohio may find it financially stressful to divorce their spouses. Since traditional roles have reversed with more men staying at home to care for the children and tend to the needs of the household, some women are now being required to pay alimony following a divorce. This major change in law stems from a 1979 landmark decision making alimony a gender-neutral responsibility based on the financial dynamic of the household.

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