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Divorce can be a socially contagious phenomenon

When couples in Iowa divorce, they may expect that the greatest impact will be felt among their children and other family members. However, there can also be repercussions felt among a larger social circle. People often report seeing several friends decide to divorce around roughly the same time period. While this could be chalked up to coincidence, statistics indicate that it is instead a real social phenomenon.

Child support orders and joint custody

Joint custody is becoming an increasingly common option among Ohio parents who make the decision to divorce. As more fathers play an active, hands-on role in child-rearing and fewer mothers stay at home, joint custody is often a logical choice that supports the relationships of the children with both parents. Of course, the 50/50 joint custody scenario works best when both parents live relatively close together and share a common school district. Depending on the needs of a particular family, joint custody may look different for certain parents.

How to get more child support after a change in circumstances

Parents are responsible for supporting their children until they are emancipated, typically at 18 years of age or when they graduate from high school. Depending on when the parents separate, the noncustodial parent may have to pay child support for up to 18 years. Over that length of time, the parents' income and the child's expenses are likely to change. When that happens, parents in Ohio may apply for a modification to the child support order. Either the custodial or noncustodial parent can request a review of the court order.

Parenting plans create a co-parenting framework

For some divorced parents in Ohio, the most contentious and difficult part of ending a marriage is dealing with how to apportion custody and parenting time with the children. Both parents are often deeply committed to their children and don't wish to lose time with them. A parenting agreement can help to set guidelines and boundaries for a divorcing couple, ultimately creating a stronger working relationship for the future.

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