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Talk to your children about inheritance to prepare them

Parents want their children to have more than they did. It's a natural way of life. As a result, many create wills that grant their children inheritances. Some create trust funds and others begin to purchase bonds and assets for their children while they're young.

A good custody plan considers your child's feelings

Many people don't believe that their children should have a say in custody arrangements. As adults, they think that they know best and that their children should go along with what they choose. However, this kind of thinking can shut down communication between you and your child.

How do you divide your property if you're not married?

Unmarried couples may struggle if they decide to separate for a few reasons. To start with, they're not protected by the same laws as married couples. This can mean that assets won't be considered shared property and that it's more likely that the pair will have to determine how to separate their property between themselves. In the case that there are shared assets, like credit cards in both people's names or shared bank accounts, are normally separated equally or equitably based on who made deposits, ran charges and other factors.

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