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Studies show that daytime headlights reduce accidents

The results of numerous studies indicate that Ohio daytime drivers might want to keep their headlights on even on sunny days. Driving with headlights on during the day has been shown to reduce accidents by up to 10 percent. More importantly, the types of accidents daytime headlights are shown to reduce are the types that can lead to the most serious injuries to motorcyclists and pedestrians.

Studies have been conducted to determine the effect of using headlights while driving during daylight hours. Results have shown a reduction by 5.7 percent of two-car collisions, and more significant reductions in pedestrian and motorcycle accidents involving other vehicles. Daytime headlight usage makes it easier for pedestrians and motorcycle operators to see cars. Studies show a reduction in pedestrian accidents by 12 percent when daytime vehicle headlights are on. The reduction for motorcycle accidents is even more dramatic: 23 percent for motorcycle accidents involving vehicles coming from the other direction.

Do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Ohio?

Whether there should be helmet laws for bikers is quite the dispute in the biking community and legislative world. Therefore, the legal requirements regarding protective head gear differ in each state.

If you live in or are visiting Ohio, you need to know the local laws on wearing a helmet to avoid both committing a minor misdemeanor and sustaining a severe injury in an accident.

Study says many slip and fall injuries could be prevented

Premises managers and building owners in Ohio and around the country could be doing more to protect their employees and visitors from slip and fall injuries, according to a report released recently by the industrial absorbent company New Pig. Thousands of people are hurt every year by slips, trips and falls. In fact, this type of accident is the leading cause of workplace injuries in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The New Pig researchers came to their conclusions after speaking with leading figures in the areas of health, safety, building management and risk assessment from a broad range of industries. Almost half of the experts who contributed to the Walk Zone Safety Report underestimated the number of high-risk zones in their facilities, and placing floor mats in entrances was the only preventative measure taken by many of the respondents. The New Pig report identifies nine other high-risk zones that the organization says are routinely ignored by building safety managers.

Collision avoidance systems can cut injury rates

Lane departure warning systems, blind spot alerts and other collision avoidance systems can have a strongly beneficial effect on Ohio roadway safety, according to a study. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that these systems can seriously cut the number of car crashes and injuries.

The IIHS studied over 5,000 car accidents that took place in 2015, focusing on the types of crashes that these warning systems were designed to help prevent. In cars with the collision avoidance systems installed, the rate of one-car, sideswipe and head-on collisions was decreased by 11 percent. Even more significantly, however, cars with the technology installed had a 21 percent lower chance of injury accidents.

The future of autonomous vehicles

Some people in Ohio may have heard that autonomous vehicles will soon be populating the roadways in great numbers. One of the biggest attractions of self-driving cars is that they have the potential to be safer than human-operated vehicles. Nearly 100 people die each day on U.S. roads, and in 94 percent of those cases, human error is to blame. Industry leaders have made bold predictions about the future of autonomous vehicles (AVs) and invested a significant amount of money in their development. However, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed before AVs become commonplace.

Among the primary roadblocks are legal and ethical issues. One scenario that must be considered is what a self-driving car will do if it has a choice between harming its occupants, harming bystanders or harming people in another vehicle. Furthermore, mapping and data analytics must be completed before the cars can work. There is also some resistance to adopting self-driving vehicles. A number of truck drivers are against them, and drivers who value their independence may dislike them as well. Cost may also be an issue.

How to fight consequences for your first drunk driving offense

If you recently received your first drunk driving offense in Ohio, you face a variety of administrative and criminal penalties. Fines, jail time, driver intervention programs and driver license suspension are all potential consequences of a DUI or DWI charge.

Whether you are facing charges or you just want to know more about the repercussions, keep reading for details on drunk driving punishments and what you can do about them.

Hazardous chemicals may be present when repairing water pipes

Ohio construction workers are often required to work around heavy or dangerous materials, especially if their work involves repairing the infrastructure. However, a water pipe repair method that was traditionally believed to be safe may actually involve hazardous chemicals.

The water pipe repair method involved, called the cured-in-place method, requires workers to place a resin-impregnated fabric pipe into a cracked or broken water pipe. The resin is then cured using a variety of different methods, including pressurized steam, hot water or ultraviolet light. A new plastic pipe is the desired result. The process releases plumes of what was though to be steam. However, researchers who conducted air tests at several sites where water pipes were being repaired actually found that the plumes were full of chemicals, including endocrine disruptors and known carcinogens.

Hazards faced by workers in confined spaces

Construction workers and repair technicians in Ohio sometimes need to enter tight spaces that could be exposed to dangers like electrical wires or high temperatures. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has published guidance to help employers recognize confined spaces and evaluate their possible threats before workers enter them.

Spaces that are not meant for continuous human occupation generally define a confined space. People have the ability to enter these areas, like a crawl space, but movement is restricted by the dimensions of the space and exit might be awkward.

What animals other than dogs can bite your kids?

When you think about kids and animal bites, the animal that comes to your mind may be a dog. This makes sense, as at least 400,000 American children are bitten by a dog per year, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

However, there are other pets that can and do bite children. They include cats, snakes and ferrets. Here is a look at these animals.

Device delivers electric shocks to keep drivers awake

Ohio motorists know that driver fatigue can be dangerous. People who drive while they are drowsy cause as many as 6,000 fatal accidents around the country every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A startup company has put together a device that shocks drivers awake as a way to cut down on these numbers.

The device is meant to work as a warning signal rather than solely a way to wake drivers up. Even though loud music and drinks high in caffeine can keep drivers awake, they do not have a way to let them know when they fall asleep. Ideally, when the device kicks in, motorists would stop on the side of the road to sleep long enough to become alert and drive safely.

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