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How detailed does my will have to be?

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2019 | Wills And Trusts

You spend a lifetime working for what you want and carrying out your goals. As you get older, you may start thinking about the future you will leave behind for your family. While some of your assets may be simple to pass on, you may wonder about the other, smaller assets you will leave behind.

Creating a will can be an intimidating idea task. You may look around your home and be overwhelmed at the thought of a document that communicates who should get what after you pass away.

This is what you should think about as you are preparing to write your will.

I have a lot of stuff

Over the years you may have built up a collection of trinkets from vacations, or you may have a diverse collection of crafts from a hobby you enjoy. No matter how many items you own, it is possible to write a will that is clear and allows you to pass on your assets to the people in your life who will value them the most.

If the number of items is overwhelming, think of then in categories rather than individual pieces. Also consider that collections may have more value as a group, rather than distributed evenly among your loved ones.

You are in control

While it may seem like a formulaic process, creating a will is primarily up to you. If you want to itemize everything you own and list who will get each item, you can. You can also categorize your assets more globally so that you can leave categories of items to specific people.

The biggest priority is for your executor to understand your will so that they know what to do after you pass away. Your executor will no longer be able to ask you for clarification, so it is best to get the details clear as you are creating your will. Talk to them about what your goals are for your estate, so they know what to do when it is time to distribute your assets.