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Helping your child avoid a dog bite

What child can resist the soft fur and wagging tail of a dog? Whether you have one at home or not, most kids will try to pet first and ask for permission, later.

With fall around the corner, you and your family may be starting to enjoy walks around the neighborhood. Of course, you will likely be joined by the neighborhood dogs and their families as well.

Distracted driving a huge problem on American roadways

The worst thing about distracted driving accidents is that they’re totally preventable.

In 2017, there were at least 14,000 distracted driving crashes in Ohio, resulting in more than 50 fatalities. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  (NHTSA), if you’re driving while talking on your phone, you can miss 50% of the activity around you. This “inattention blindness” can overlook pedestrians and other vehicles, and it can be deadly.

How detailed does my will have to be?

You spend a lifetime working for what you want and carrying out your goals. As you get older, you may start thinking about the future you will leave behind for your family. While some of your assets may be simple to pass on, you may wonder about the other, smaller assets you will leave behind.

Creating a will can be an intimidating idea task. You may look around your home and be overwhelmed at the thought of a document that communicates who should get what after you pass away.

Being seen on your motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating and exciting. Once the air turns crisp, it is easy to look forward to long rides and fall colors.

Often, when there is a motorcycle accident, the other motorist claims they were not able to see the person on the bike. All drivers on the road have a responsibility to see and be seen. Everyone is safer when all motorists are doing their best to be visible.

What is a summary release, and how does it affect probate?

Estates come in many different sizes. Some estates contain significant physical property, while others are made up of cash and real estate.

Understanding the process of distributing your loved one’s estate can be a lot to think about in addition to grieving their passing. When it comes time to file for probate, it is essential to know the value of your loved one’s estate.

What happens if my family is out of touch when I die?

It can happen to the most stable relationships. Whether there is a conflict or changes in life take the family in separate directions, sometimes the people in your life become distant.

When you drafted your estate plan, you had an idea of how you would distribute your assets. Although you may not want to change who gets what, there may be people who are now more distant.

Carmakers are starting to protect drivers from themselves

Because drivers cannot seem to be trusted to keep their cellphones from distracting them while operating a vehicle, some carmakers are taking safety measures into their own hands. Volvo, Subaru and others are introducing technology that monitors a driver and determines whether that person is not watching the road. These systems warn a driver or, in some cases, go as far as slowing the car down.

This step to increase road safety may seem intrusive, but carmakers emphasize their systems do not use video to monitor drivers. Instead, they incorporate infrared technology or other means to measure whether a driver is drowsy or a vehicle is veering out of its lane.

Giving someone access to my digital accounts

In addition to the changes in digital assets, there have been changes to how you access your accounts. First, there was a minimum number of letters, then there needed to be a number; now the recommendation is to use a phrase instead of a word.

After you decide who will handle your digital assets after you pass away, you will have to create a plan for how that person will access your accounts.

What happens to my digital assets?

The idea of digital assets still seems abstract. It can be something you purchase or something you create. Until it is printed or saved somewhere other than the cloud, you cannot touch it; yet, it has value and may need a place in your estate plan.

With something as intangible as a digital asset, it can be easy to overlook them, assuming they will “go away” after you pass on. Depending on your assets, however, your digital belongings may need a detailed plan all their own when it comes to preparing your estate.

Who should oversee my digital assets?

Just like any other person involved in your estate plan, the person you choose to oversee your digital assets should be someone you trust. Whether you only have a handful of accounts or a vast array of digital assets, you need someone in charge of taking care of your digital presence. 

Assigning someone to oversee your digital assets may include more than leaving a list of usernames and passwords for your favorite nephew. You should think carefully about what digital accounts you have and who is best suited for understating how to manage the last pieces of business.

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