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Legal issues involving the family can be a difficult experience. If you have a family law issue, you need a lawyer who will give you personal attention and help alleviate your concerns. At the same time, you need an attorney with the experience and the determination to get you exactly what you need.

For more than 30 years, the Cleveland family law attorneys at Russo, Rosalina & Co., LPA, have been treating clients with care and compassion while getting them solid results. Contact us and set up an appointment to come to our comfortable offices and speak one-on-one with a lawyer about your situation.

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Family law used to mean little more than divorce, but the field has expanded to encompass almost any legal issue faced by families. Our lawyers help with a wide range of family law matters.

Along with family law, our other main focus is probate and estate planning. Of course, both of these fields of law involve working with families. As a family law firm with a father, daughter, and son-in-law all working alongside one another, we take special pride in helping other families get through challenging legal issues.

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If you are under the stress of a family law matters, you probably want to talk to someone as soon as possible. Contact our attorneys and find out how they can help.