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We Help Hold Estate Administrators Accountable

If you believe a personal representative, administrator or executor of an estate is not properly performing their duties, you may have a breach of fiduciary duty cause of action that can be brought as part of a probate litigation lawsuit. At Russo, Rosalina & Co., LPA, we are here to help you handle this difficult and often sensitive issue with grace and strength. Our goal is to be the firm you can trust to handle these matters and to make sure the appropriate corrective action is taken.

Our firm has a strong estate planning and probate practice. We know the law, and we understand how to pursue adversary actions — as well as how to defend against them. For more information about breach of fiduciary legal actions, please contact our Mayfield Heights or Parma offices to schedule a consultation with our probate lawyers.

In a breach of fiduciary action, someone in charge of handling an estate is accused of not acting in the estate’s best interest. This may also involve:

  • Concealing assets
  • Distribution of assets not according to the estate documents
  • An administrator or executor who pays themselves additional fees over and beyond what is stipulated in the document, or according to law, without court approval
  • Abusing the powers granted to them

We deal with breach of fiduciary duty cases related to the commission of trust fraud as well as abusing powers granted to someone in a will. Our lawyers will investigate the conduct of the accused and help you gather evidence to prove they have mishandled a legal trust or will. We can also help people defend themselves against these allegations by showing that the contested behavior has no basis.

Prompt Action Is Important In Estate Administration Litigation

A breach of fiduciary action requires skill and a sensitive approach to a family already in mourning. We always strive to maintain family relationships, while making sure everyone is in compliance with the law and the deceased’s intent. We encourage you to contact us today if you believe someone involved with the administering of an estate may have breached a fiduciary duty.