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Managing Probate For Family And Executors From Out Of State

Few of us are prepared to deal with the death of a loved one. When a relative dies in a distant location, family members can feel even more helpless. Many do not know what to do or where to turn.

If your loved one died in northeast Ohio, you can turn to us. We are the attorneys of Russo, Rosalina & Co., LPA, a respected law firm that has been practicing in the Cleveland area since 1978. We are experienced in probate and estate administration and can advise you on all the legal issues that need to be addressed after a loved one has passed away.

Advising You Or Acting On Your Behalf

If you were named as the executor of a will or the trustee of a trust, we can explain how to fulfill your legal obligations. If you choose, you can waive your right to administer the trust or estate and have us do it for you.

We can act as your out-of-state personal representative in the probate process, performing such duties as:

  • Finding and registering the will
  • Opening the estate
  • Inventorying and evaluating assets
  • Paying final taxes and bills
  • Retitling and distributing remaining assets to heirs according to the will
  • Managing the sale of property at your direction
  • Filing all necessary documentation with the probate court
  • Resolving any will contests or trust disputes

We Provide Peace Of Mind

If a family member in Ohio has died, but you live elsewhere, please use our online contact form or call to speak with one of the probate lawyers at Russo, Rosalina & Co., LPA. We offer professional and effective legal services that provide peace of mind.