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24/7 texting doesn’t make behavior any safer behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2014 | Car Accidents

Cellphones are like an extra appendage for today’s teenagers. Everywhere you look there is a young individual texting a message to a friend, uploading a photo to Instagram, checking in on Facebook or simply perusing Flixster to determine what time the next showing of the hottest movie is and where it will be playing.

As adept as most of these teenagers are at using mobile devices, it doesn’t mean that they can operate a motor vehicle safely with one in their hand. According to a recent study, these new drivers are at an even higher risk for being involved in a distracted driving collision.

Although students have been told over and over again that texting or talking while driving is a risky behavior, the number of car accidents involving distracted driving continues to increase. “It’s just so common that it’s not even a second thought anymore,” said ProMedica’s Gina Veres.

In order to provide students with a first-hand look at just how distracting cellphone use can be while operating a motor vehicle, simulators were brought into Southview High School. These simulators provided that lifelike experience in a controlled, safe environment.

The students responded positively to the program, saying that it was a lot more effective than verbal education about the dangers.

Educating these students via virtual simulation will hopefully save some lives in the future after a lot of students said they would say something the next time that they were in a vehicle with a driver that chose to participate in the negligent behavior.

ProMedica knows that the educational experience won’t stop every instance of distracted driving. A Cleveland personal injury attorney can step in when a victim is harmed by a driver that chooses to participate in distracted driving or any other careless behavior.

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