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Bus riders trading one risk for another on snowy Ohio streets

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2014 | Car Accidents

The snow that continues to blanket the Ohio landscape may be beautiful, but it is causing undue risk to some residents that rely on public transportation to get from point A to point B. Akron Beacon Journal staff members spoke with several of these residents that said that they are forced to choose between two different injury risks.

Bus riders and other pedestrians are literally taking to the streets because walking on sidewalks has already caused them to suffer multiple injuries. The only problem is that walking along the side of the street leaves them exposed to careless drivers and life-threatening injuries caused during an automobile collision.

One woman said that one fall resulted in a broken foot. “It hurts more when you have to truck in the snow; that’s why I walk in the street and take a chance of getting hit,” she explained.

A University of Akron student explained that slipping on the sidewalk was a common occurrence, already having fallen at least five times. Thus far he has been lucky to only suffer some wet clothes while walking on the street as a result of the splash created by passing cars driving through a puddle.

The young student asked that homeowners take the time to adequately shovel the sidewalks. “Just a little act of kindness could keep people from getting hurt,” he said. Shoveling as soon as possible would help remove both risks.

The truth is that getting splashed isn’t the worst that could happen on the streets. What happens if an individual is physically injured in a car accident that results under these circumstances? Could the fact that the pedestrian was walking on the sidewalk affect the outcome of a personal injury claim?

These are just the start of the questions that an experienced attorney will ask and answer to ensure that injured victims receive the maximum compensation that they are due.

Source: Akron Beacon Journal Online, “Bus riders take to streets, complain about sidewalks after big snowfall,” Dave Scott, Feb. 18, 2014