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Motorcycle passenger killed in hit-and-run in Ohio

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2014 | Car Accidents

A passenger on a motorcycle was killed on July 5 in Prairie Township, near Columbus. The fatal accident involved a hit-and-run offense by a pickup truck driver.

According to the Franklin County Sheriff, the accident occurred at around noon when a motorcycle was hit by a truck at an intersection of U.S. 40, causing the motorcycle driver to lose control. The 58-year-old male driver of the truck, from Galloway, failed to yield at the intersection. The driver then fled the scene of the incident. He later told police that he had not seen the motorcycle at the stop sign.

The 38-year-old female passenger of the motorcycle was taken to a local hospital where she was declared dead. The condition of the driver of the motorcycle was not released. Police did report that the driver and the passenger had not been wearing helmets. The driver of the truck was later arrested and charged with tampering with evidence and with hit-skip for leaving the scene.

In car accidents such as this one, the actions of the truck driver might be used to establish negligence if the families of the victims were considering filing claims to recover damages. If the family files a successful claim, they might be remunerated for the hospital, funeral and burial costs they incurred. Financial damages might include compensation for loss of support based on the decedent’s earning capacity and loss of services. Other damages might include loss of companionship, attention, care, assistance, protection, advice and training. In Ohio, damages for the mental suffering experienced by the survivors such as spouses, children and parents, might also be included.

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