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Airbags can prevent serious accident injuries

On Behalf of | May 13, 2015 | Car Accidents

Ohio motorists may not understand the complexities behind their vehicle’s airbags, nor do they necessarily need to. They just need to know they work if they’re ever in a car crash.

Most drivers probably never think about airbags since they’re invisible, tucked away inside the steering wheel, dashboard or back of the front seat. Then, bang! Their vehicle hits something, and the airbags explode from their hiding place, protecting the vehicle’s occupants as they inflate. All this happens in well under a second after impact. Bodies move quickly in impacts, so air bags need to work quicker if they are to prevent occupants from suffering serious injuries.

Airbags are made from nylon that is filled with chemicals that create nitrogen gas when a car accident occurs. This creates a chemical reaction, resulting in heat and gas. Designed to supplement seat belts, the burgeoning airbags distribute the impact on vehicle occupants with the aim of reducing life-altering injures. Some airbags have the capability to adjust themselves, taking into consideration the speed of the vehicle and the strength of the impact.

Airbags are just one safety feature that vehicles have. Unfortunately, safety features won’t prevent car accidents. Motorists will continue to be distracted in their driving, not paying sufficient attention to the road, or driving too fast for highway conditions, thus causing accidents. People who have been injured through a driver’s negligence may be eligible for compensation through a personal injury claim. Since insurance companies are often difficult to deal with, victims may wish to consult a personal injury attorney for assistance with their claims.