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Fatal head-on collision injures 4 Secret Service officials

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Car Accidents

Ohio residents might have heard about a head-on collision that left four Secret Service agents injured. The accident happened during the evening of Dec. 29 in New Hampshire. According to the report, the crash occurred on Route 16 after a 45-year-old man traveling in a northbound Mercury Sable traversed the centerline and collided with the Ford Taurus carrying the agents.

Emergency medical personnel who responded to the scene took all four agents to Frisbie Memorial Hospital for treatment of severe injuries. Two passengers in the Mercury were also injured, but the driver was pronounced dead. The Secret Service agents were on duty while they were traveling, but the details of their assignment were unknown.

Whenever a car accident occurs in which people have been severely injured or killed, a police investigation commonly takes place. If it can be determined that the crash was caused by a negligent driver, the injured victims may want to pursue compensation for their accident-related losses by filing personal injury lawsuits with the assistance of an attorney. If the suspected negligent driver died in the crash, the plaintiffs may name the decedent’s estate as the defendant in the civil action.

Besides the police investigation report, the victim’s medical reports and records of expenses directly related to the accident may be presented as evidence in the lawsuit. A plaintiff’s attorney may also employ eyewitness statements, road and weather condition evaluations and traffic surveillance footage to demonstrate that the motorist’s negligence was the cause of the crash and the resulting injuries.

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