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Swimming hazards in the summer

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2016 | Premises Liability

When the weather becomes hotter in Ohio, more people seek out swimming pools or lakes as an easy way to cool off. However, there are many people who drown every single year. While some of these drownings occur due to some common misconceptions, other drownings can happen if the pool owner is negligent.

One of the most common myths surrounding swimming is that good swimmers never drown. There are those who overestimate their swimming abilities and end up overexerting themselves. Additionally, those who consume alcohol while swimming or who have medical conditions may also be at risk of drowning. Another common myth is that all individuals who need help will flail or yell. In fact, many who drown end up underwater without being able to call for help.

Owners of swimming pools have certain duties to those who use the pool, regardless of whether the pool is on private property or on commercial property. If a homeowner fails to fence in their pool and a child drowns as a result, the homeowner may be held liable. Business owners must be vigilant when it comes to potential hazards. If there are hazards, visitors must either be warned of the hazard or corrective action should be taken to mitigate the problem.

If a person suffers an injury when swimming at a friend’s pool, community pool or water park, the medical costs and other damages can be hefty. A premises liability attorney may assist a client with determining whether the swimming pool owner may be held liable. Depending on how the accident happened and if the injured person contributed to causing the accident, the attorney may help the person seek compensation for the damages they sustained, including their medical bills, lost income and any other damages associated with the accident.