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Preventing premises liability lawsuits

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2016 | Premises Liability

Many small Ohio businesses do what they can to keep their customers and employees safe by ensuring that their property is free from hazards. Even when steps are taken to prevent hazards from occurring, accidents can still happen. While employees are generally covered under workers’ compensation, customers or vendors may seek compensation for their injuries by filing a premises liability lawsuit, which can be very expensive for small businesses.

One of the most common types of accident that occur in commercial settings are slip-and-fall accidents. The slip or trip can be caused by uneven ground, wet floors, cluttered isles and even poor lighting. Even if the business owner is leasing the property, it is usually still responsible for these accidents as many commercial leases include clauses or provisions that indemnify the landlord.

Simply slipping and falling is not enough to prevail in a lawsuit. The individual must demonstrate that the accident was caused by a hazard that the business owner knew or should have known about. It also must be shown that the business owner failed to rectify it or post warnings of the potential hazard. A business owner that did everything it could to mitigate the hazard may not in some cases be held responsible.

Other incidents that could give rise to a premises liability lawsuit could be an assault in a store parking lot that occurred because of negligent or insufficient security. A person who has been injured in such a matter and who has incurred medical expenses or lost wages as a result may want to have the assistance of an attorney in seeking compensation from the negligent owner.