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Who was at fault for my car accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2016 | Car Accidents

If you have been involved in a car accident in Ohio, one of the first questions that you may have after seeking medical treatment is how it is determined who is at fault for the accident. Establishing liability is necessary before you can receive compensation for the damages that you suffered.

The first step toward establishing liability in car accidents is looking at the police report. The police report may indicate the determined cause of the accident. It may also note if one of the parties was given a citation for violating a traffic law. The insurance company may require a police report before it pays for any repairs or other damages.

Another way to demonstrate liability in a car accident case is to research the particular laws and seeing if they apply to the case. These laws may presume liability based on a certain positioning of the vehicles. For example, in rear-end accidents, the driver that hits the vehicle in front of him or her is usually liable even if the vehicle in front was stopped. This is because there is supposed to be enough space between vehicles so even if the person in front suddenly stops, the driver from behind should have left enough room to stop. Another example when traffic laws may apply is if a left-turn collision occurred. If a vehicle turns in front of oncoming traffic and an accident occurs, this is usually because the turning vehicle did not properly yield to oncoming traffic, making this driver liable for the accident.

Because every situation is different, this information cannot be relied upon for legal advice. To learn who is responsible for your car accident, read our page on car accidents to get a better sense about this information.