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Using innovative technology to improving workplace safety

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2016 | Workers' Compensation

From laser curtains and bulletproof glass barriers to special warning signs and 3D visualization, there is a range of modern technologies that can keep workplace safer. Ohio workers could expect to see much more of this technology in the future.

One popular and innovative work-related safety device that has improved throughout the years is the entrance way metal detector. Many high-risk workplaces have these walk-through devices, which can detect if someone is in possession of a dangerous weapon.

Bulletproof glass is another way to keep employees safe. Bullet-resistant panels, barriers and enclosures help individuals who work with money. To improve further workplace safety, metal detectors can also be incorporated with bullet-resistant glass.

In addition to motion detector lights and security guards, employers can make sure their employees stay safe by strategically installing digital security cameras. This way, intruders who happen to evade motion detector lights and security guards will be caught on security camera footage.

Coded products and signs are other tools that can promote worksite safety. For example, when CR codes and URLs are placed on product labels and signs, employees can look up the use and purpose of different pieces of equipment.

Another workplace safety measure is via 3D visualization technology. This tool allows employees to see possible threats and to prepare for them.

The law mandates that employers provide a safe work environment for their employees. However, those who suffer an on-the-job injury can apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Such benefits could assist a victim until he or she is physically able to return to work.