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Staying safe while working around conveyor belts

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2016 | Workers' Compensation

Conveyer belts are used in a lot of factories and warehouses in Ohio. People who perform work using conveyor belts are at risk for injuries from the conveyor belt itself as well as from the ergonomic effects of standing at a conveyor belt.

A conveyor system will likely have pinch points that will need to be properly guarded. Workers should be instructed to stand at locations near the conveyor belt that do not leave them at risk of being struck by objects that are moving down the conveyor belt. The workers who are responsible for operating a conveyor system should always be located in an area where they can see the conveyor system.

Adjusting a conveyor belt to an appropriate height is an important step to help reduce ergonomic injuries. The height of a conveyor belt should be comfortable for the tallest worker, and shorter workers should be given adjustable platforms to stand on. Workers should also have enough empty space to comfortably move their knees and legs. If workers have to reach items on the conveyor belt, the items should not be any farther than 18 inches away from the workers’ bodies.

If an employer does not make appropriate adjustments to the height and width of a conveyor belt, workers could sustain ergonomic injuries. Workers may also suffer conveyor belt injuries if the workers do not follow safety recommendations. After a conveyer belt injury, workers may decide to contact a lawyer who might assist them in recovering lost wages by filing a workers’ compensation claim.