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Inspection blitz aims for safer cargo

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2017 | Truck Accidents

Ohio truck drivers may find their vehicles, and their cargo loads in particular, undergoing a close inspection during June 6-8. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has announced that its annual International Roadcheck inspection blitz will occur over this 72-hour period.

The event will focus on the importance of cargo securement. Although this is already a part of Level I inspections, the organization hopes that the focus will impress upon drivers the importance of safely secured cargo. Most of the inspections during the blitz will be the most thorough type available for both driver and truck.

The CVSA has issued a flyer for drivers with tips on cargo securement. It reminds drivers to inspect tie-downs for damage and to make sure that equipment and loads are secure. The inspections will be looking for violations related to problems with tie-downs and the security of loads.

A poorly-secured load may cause or worsen an accident as can certain driver behaviors such as driving while fatigued, speeding, distracted driving or driving while intoxicated. Equipment failure may also cause some accidents. Whatever the cause, truck accidents can be serious in part because of the disparity of size between trucks and other vehicles. If a truck accident happens and it is determined that the driver or equipment caused the accident, then the company the driver worked for and possibly the driver might be liable. An individual who is injured in a truck accident may expect insurance to cover medical bills, the cost of vehicle repair or replacement, and other expenses. However, they might receive a low offer of compensation. An attorney might be able to negotiate a better settlement, or the injured victim might want to file a lawsuit.