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Liability risks posed by amusement parks

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2017 | Premises Liability

Memorial Day through Labor Day is the peak season for carnivals and other events featuring amusement park rides. While Ohio residents see fun and excitement when they arrive at a park or festival, ride manufacturers are more worried about possible liability if someone gets hurt. Determining fault when an accident does occur can be complicated since a number of factors could contribute.

It is possible that a defect during the manufacturing process could be the cause of an accident. However, it is also possible that a ride operator didn’t properly fasten a seat belt or that the ride was too heavy to operate safely. When an accident occurs, it could result in heavy media coverage in addition to a large settlement. A 10-year-old boy died in 2016 while on a water slide at the Schlitterbahn WaterPark in Kansas.The son of a state lawmaker was decapitated, and the resulting settlement was believed to be in the neighborhood of $20 million.

Another 10-year-old boy suffered injuries on a water slide during the 2017 grand opening of the Emerald Glen Park in Dublin, California. The ride had been operational for about 90 minutes when the boy was thrown from the slide and onto concrete. It forced the ride to shut down and also forced the closure of other parts of the park.

If an individual is injured while on someone else’s property, the property owner may be liable for damages. This is true whether the injuries happened on an amusement park ride or was the result of a slip-and-fall accident. If it can be shown that negligence caused the injuries to take place, the victim may pursue compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other damages. in a lawsuit filed with the assistance of an attorney.