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4 ways to spot distracted drivers

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2017 | Blog

Distracted driving is a significant problem. If you get into an accident because of a distracted driver, you could suffer a severe injury. Drivers who take their attention off the road by texting, putting on makeup or eating food for even a second put you at risk. 

But how can you stay alert? You may be doubtful that you can notice a distracted motorist, but that is not true. Here are ways you can spot a distracted driver. 

1. Holding a phone

This is one of the clearest signs of a distracted driver. Sometimes drivers may hold their cellphones up to their ears. Other times they may put their phones on speakerphone and hold it close to their face. You may even see a driver texting or using social media. 

2. Stopping for longer than necessary

According to Cars.com, one way to spot a distracted driver is when he or she pauses for a long time at a red light. If a driver lingers for a few seconds after the light turns green, they may be sending a text or partaking in other distracting behavior. 

3. Veering to the side

If you ever see a car weaving from side to side, it is probably being driven by someone not paying attention to the road. A distracted driver may have trouble maintaining lane position. If you notice this behavior, keep your distance! 

4. Changing speed

Distracted drivers often drive faster or slower than the flow of traffic or speed limit. They may also suddenly brake or speed up between distractions. 

Keep an eye out for these four dangerous driving behaviors. If you notice these warning signs, make sure you slow down or pull ahead to get away from the driver. You may need to pull over for a second. Now that you know these signs of distracted drivers, you can drive defensively and protect yourself.