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Dangers of falls at construction sites

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

Many Ohio residents work in the construction industry, which carries significant hazards. Falls are the top cause of work-related injuries and fatalities at construction sites. Because of the dangers that are presented by falls, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is focused on safety measures that can help to prevent them.

According to OSHA, 350 of the 937 construction-site deaths that happened in 2015 involved falls. The agency has numerous regulations in place that the construction industry is supposed to follow. Unfortunately, many companies try to cut corners, leading to catastrophic injury accidents. Because of these violations, OSHA has started levying substantial fines against repeat offender companies.

OSHA fined one Florida roofing contractor $1.5 million in August because of repeated fall protection violations. Companies must have proper fall protection systems in place when they have workers who must work at heights. In the past, OSHA would also issue press releases detailing the fines it had levied against repeat violators, but it has largely ceased doing so since President Trump assumed office. OSHA’s aim in issuing press releases about violating companies was to deter others from engaging in similar practices.

People can suffer serious workplace injuries in falls. Some people may be seriously injured even when the heights from which they fall are not terribly high. Companies should make certain that they have fall protection systems in place that comply with OSHA’s standards. Workers should also be provided with the appropriate safety gear so that they are less likely to be injured if they fall. Workers who are injured in falls might benefit by getting help from experienced workers’ compensation lawyers who can help their clients to recover benefits for their medical expenses and rehabilitation costs through the filing of a claim with the employer’s insurance carrier.