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Parenting plans create a co-parenting framework

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2018 | Family Law

For some divorced parents in Ohio, the most contentious and difficult part of ending a marriage is dealing with how to apportion custody and parenting time with the children. Both parents are often deeply committed to their children and don’t wish to lose time with them. A parenting agreement can help to set guidelines and boundaries for a divorcing couple, ultimately creating a stronger working relationship for the future.

In many cases, parents can work together amicably enough to create a positive parenting plan. Their attorneys may collaborate in the process to ensure that the result reflects the principles of state law as well as an effective roadmap. For other parents with a more difficult relationship, courts and judges may need to get involved. The lawyers representing the parents could eventually reach important compromises on key issues as part of the divorce negotiations.

Including a parenting plan as part of the court order in the divorce will make many issues legally enforceable. Some of the topics addressed in a parenting plan can include the children’s education, medical expenses, visitation and shared parenting time. It’s important to note that parenting plans are also often needed for separated couples who were never married.

Divorcing parents have a difficult yet important road ahead of them in creating a positive parenting environment for their children. A family law attorney can provide strong representation for a divorcing parent to protect their interests and the best interests of the children in terms of child support, custody and parenting schedules.