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Waiting periods to adopt are terrifying for adoptive parents

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Family Law

A family who adopted several children brings to light how adoption laws can vary between states. It’s something you need to be familiar with because there is a risk of having an adoption revoked in some instances.

In the story of this family, they described adopting in Ohio. In Ohio, the consent to adopt could be signed five days following the birth of the child. At that point, the adoption was, except in extraneous situations, irrevocable. That’s the good news. However, if you were a family supporting a mother who changed her mind in that short time, you’d be out of luck when attempting to adopt.

Some families turn to other states to adopt the children they seek, but that is where you can end up in trouble. In other states nearby, like Pennsylvania, there is a revocation period even after adoption consents are signed. In Pennsylvania, adoption paperwork can be signed at 72 hours, but parents have up to a month to determine if they would like to revoke those documents and stop the adoption.

For new parents, knowing how long they have to wait before an adoption is finalized and babies are truly a part of their family is vital. There is nothing more heart-wrenching than seeing a parent work so hard to adopt, only to then find that the birth parents change their mind weeks into the revocation period.

If you plan to adopt and are based in Ohio, the laws are on your side. An interstate adoption could be different, though, so it’s wise to learn all you can before you begin.