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Deadly Ohio turnpike wrecks caused by speed, trucks, and weather

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

Three major vehicular crashes that occurred on a single day earlier this month, in locations approximately one hour west of Cleveland on the Ohio turnpike, were primarily caused by speed, snow, and big trucks, according to a report by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

At least 90 vehicles were damaged in the series of crashes that occurred after a winter snowstorm swept through the area. Three people were killed and at least 30 people were treated at hospitals. Dozens of officials have been involved in the resulting investigation.

In the deadliest of the truck accidents, which involved multiple semi-trucks and cars, a car passenger and a truck driver were killed. The chain-reaction accident occurred after two tractor-trailers collided, stopping a car behind them. That car was then struck from behind by another tractor-trailer.

Shortly thereafter, a state highway patrol officer who arrived on the scene was also injured. His patrol car was struck by another car while he was approaching the vehicles involved in the earlier crash. When he returned to his vehicle to check on the driver of the car that had struck it, the two cars were then struck by a semi-truck. According to witnesses, that truck traveled into the lane, apparently trying to avoid debris. The trooper was pinned between the two cars and the driver the semi-truck was pronounced dead on the scene. The trooper is in fair condition.

Another fatal accident that involved a passenger car crashing into a truck in front of it resulted in the death of a passenger.

Another accident that occurred earlier on that same day was caused by tractor-trailer. That driver was cited for failure to control. That collision involved nine commercial vehicles, plus one passenger vehicle, and high winds contributed to the driver’s alleged error. 

Knowing why these accidents occurred may be little comfort to the families who lost loved ones and to those who were injured by the negligence of other drivers. Dangerous weather conditions are a common factor in truck accidents, however, truck drivers are still responsible for driving safely during adverse weather. An attorney experienced with such accidents may prove helpful in determining the best way to stand up for your interests.

Source: The Blade, “Patrol says bad weather, big trucks caused crashes,” Vanessa McCray, March 21, 2014

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