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Samsung technology could prevent accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Many Ohio motorists become extremely anxious when passing a big rig, but new technology from the electronics manufacturer Samsung could make things less nerve-racking for them. The Korean company has developed a system that allows drivers behind a large truck to see the road as if they were sitting in the truck’s cab. While approval for use on American roads may be a long way off even if it happens at all, the technology does take an innovative approach to a long-standing problem.

The safety system uses a wireless camera mounted at the front of a truck to stream video to four large screens mounted on the back of its trailer. Following drivers are then able to see the road ahead as if the truck was not even there. The goal of the technology is to reduce motor vehicle accidents involving passing drivers unexpectedly confronted with oncoming traffic.

Critics of the technology say that large screens mounted on the back of a trailer would be distracting to drivers and may actually cause more accidents. Others say that Samsung has unveiled the system to generate publicity and draw attention to their line of electronic products. However, the Korean company points out that the benefits of the technology were demonstrated during extensive testing conducted in Argentina.

New technology designed to improve road safety is always welcome, but stricter enforcement of traffic laws may do more to safeguard drivers than safety systems that could be years away from widespread implementation. Many truck accidents are caused by reckless, fatigued or distracted truck drivers, and they along with their employers may face civil as well as criminal consequences. When road users suffer injury, loss or damage due to the negligent behavior of others, a personal injury attorney may seek compensation for them by filing a lawsuit on their behalf.