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October 2016 Archives

Dangerous aggressive driving behaviors

Many Ohio motorists have had the experience of looking in their rear-view mirror and noticing that there is a vehicle following behind them much too closely. Following too closely, passing in an area where passing is prohibited and making erratic lane changes are just a few examples of what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration refers to as aggressive driving.

Five things to know about workplace fall protection

Fall protection is the number one workplace safety concern for OSHA this year. It is number one on the annual list of the top ten safety and health violations compiled by the Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Ladder safety and scaffolding issues are also included in issues of fall protection.

Homeowner's insurance may provide injury coverage

Ohio residents may be aware that homeowner's insurance provides coverage in the event that someone is injured while on their property, if that individual is either an invitee or licensee. An invitee may be a family member or social visitor, while a licensee is an person who is there for business purposes, such as a repairman or a cable installer.

City contemplates closing deadly intersection

Many motorists may find that high-traffic roads that intersect with busy highways can be extremely dangerous. In fact, in Ohio, there have been more than a dozen car wrecks at a particular intersection, some of which have been fatal, and city officials are contemplating eliminating the intersection.

Government works to reduce traffic deaths to zero

Ohio motorists might be surprised to learn that the rate of deaths in traffic collisions rose by 7.2 percent last year. According to recent research by the National Safety Council, there was another 9-percent uptick during the first six months of 2016. In response to the increasing fatality rates, the U.S. Department of Transportation has announced a new goal of reducing the number of traffic deaths to zero within 30 years.

Are smartwatches causing car accidents?

Smartwatches, one of the latest technology gadgets to take us by storm, are helping individuals stay connected more than ever before. While many of us are enjoying the convenience of having the ability to text, read emails and surf the Internet literally in our palms, or rather, on our wrists, is this new device distracting drivers? Recent reports suggest, sadly, yes.

Trends in workers' compensation for health care workers

In planning for future management of workplace safety in the health care sector, professionals must consider trends that suggest areas of improvement or decline. There must also be an effort to evaluate issues that could materialize based on technology development, disease trends, and other issues. Ohio medical facilities that utilize these tools can continue to refine their training programs and safety protocols to encourage ongoing improvement in workplace safety.

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