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January 2017 Archives

The dangers that shift work poses

Many Ohio occupations require shift work, which can have a serious impact on employees' health. According to a study on the effects of shift work, people who are consistently deprived of sleep suffer from a number of health problems, including cancer, coronary heart disease, type II diabetes, stroke, depression, weight gain and workplace injuries and accidents. Further, when shift work employees suffer sleep deprivation, the effects are similar to alcohol intoxication.

Strains and sprains common among construction workers

Construction workers in Ohio and around the country are at risk for a range of different kinds of on-the-job injuries. Though safety on construction sites has improved significantly over the last 25 years, strains and sprains are still a big problem. Muscle, tendon, nerve and joint injuries cost construction workers about $46 million in lost wages in 2014.

OSHA slashes permissable beryllium exposure limits

Beryllium is used at a variety of manufacturing facilities in Ohio and around the country because it is lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel. The gray metal is highly resistant to oxidation and is included in many nickel, iron copper and aluminum alloys, but it is also extremely toxic. Exposure to even tiny amounts of beryllium can cause serious respiratory illnesses including chronic beryllium disease, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has announced that the permissible exposure limits for the metal will be drastically reduced.

4 thoughtful things to put in your will

Most people tend to shy away from making a will simply because end-of-life considerations are not fun things to think about. At some point, however, you will need to take a deep breath and tackle the job. The good news is you do not need to do it alone. An attorney experienced in estate planning can be a great help, but you can do a bit of preparation work before your meeting. Here are four things-some logical, some surprising-to consider putting in your will.

Technology takes aim at repetitive stress injuries

Ohio residents who work in manufacturing sometimes develop stress injuries from repeating motions over and over again while performing their jobs. These injuries may be debilitating, causing damage to people's wrists, hands, joints, muscles and tissues. They may leave people requiring surgery and unable to return to their former jobs.

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