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Tips for estate planning discussions on Memorial Day

On Behalf of | May 18, 2018 | Wills & Trusts

The Memorial Day weekend is just over a week away. It is widely recognized as the beginning of summer and families traditionally get together to celebrate. If there’s one thing about family gatherings, a lesson will be learned or secret will be revealed that may change the family. Despite the drama that can come out when family gets together, it is a unique opportunity to find out how to pass on wealth and legacies.

Indeed, estate planning is not always a popular topic at family gatherings, because people tend to be hesitant about talking about deaths. With that, this post will highlight a few guidelines about estate planning discussions during family gatherings.

Talk about values – The unique aspect of estate planning is that it is not just about passing on money or property. Instead, it is an opportunity for someone to pass on their values and heritage to empower others. When the focus is on passing on values, chances are that families can avoid squabbles over money and property.  

Relate to current events – If you have trouble talking about estate planning, a current event involving a significant life event may be a good lead in.  After all, people tend to write or change wills after a marriage, the birth of a child or a death. These are events that everyone can relate to.

Know your limitations – A good estate plan cannot be completed in one conversation. It is a process, that may not be completed so quickly. Also, one has to be mindful that an elderly loved one may not be comfortable talking about estate planning. So there may have to be another way to broach the topic.   

If you have additional questions about estate planning discussions, an experienced attorney can advise you.