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Most commonly overlooked issues in car maintenance

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2019 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Car maintenance is a responsibility put upon a car owner during purchase. If you want to make your car last, you need to perform routine tasks such as changing the oil or adding windshield fluid to prevent faster deterioration.

However, even the most responsible car owners may miss specific car issues. If you let the problem fester for too long, it will have significant damage to your vehicle and leads to severe injuries.

Tire Inflation

One of the most commonly overlooked problems in cars in tire inflation. Most modern vehicles have indicators for low tire pressure, but it’s not always accurate or a guaranteed feature in all models.

If you do not keep up on proper tire pressure, you are at high risk for a tire blowout and losing control of your vehicle. Imagine the damage a blown-out tire could have during rush hour or a quick freeway. Check your tire’s inflation at least once a month to avoid potential accidents.

Hazed Headlights

Most drivers do not think about their headlights until it’s too late. Unfortunately, our lights play a crucial role in signaling other drivers our intentions and keeping the roads visible. If our headlight does not function, it puts us in danger for rear-end accidents or other injuries.

Luckily, local mechanics easily change out a broken bulb or a dead battery in headlights. If you believe you have a glazed light – a blurry haze over your headlights – consider buying a headlight restoration kit to polish away any build up or dust.

Wheel Alignment

One of the most crucial tools in our vehicles is the stirring wheel. If the wheel does not function correctly, it leads to disastrous consequences. Signals that your wheel is out of alignment are vibrations, lights tugs while driving and vagueness in the steering.

If you maintain wheel alignment, you control your car better and prevent any serious incidents during problematic driving conditions. Do not try to realign a stirring wheel yourself, instead go to a professional mechanic or your car dealership.

A little maintenance goes a long way to protect your vehicle from damage and prevent any injuries from car accidents. However, accidents aren’t always preventable, so if you are in an accident, seek medical treatment immediately.