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Who should oversee my digital assets?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2019 | Estate Planning

Just like any other person involved in your estate plan, the person you choose to oversee your digital assets should be someone you trust. Whether you only have a handful of accounts or a vast array of digital assets, you need someone in charge of taking care of your digital presence. 

Assigning someone to oversee your digital assets may include more than leaving a list of usernames and passwords for your favorite nephew. You should think carefully about what digital accounts you have and who is best suited for understating how to manage the last pieces of business.

Here’s what you should consider when deciding who will manage your digital assets.

What goes on social media

Now that most of your social network may keep up with you on social media, you may have an idea in mind for how to handle your accounts after you pass away.

For people with a large social circle, you may want the person responsible for your digital assets to make a post on social media about funeral or memorial service plans, post an obituary or request memorial donations to go to a certain cause.

Wrapping up old business

Your digital assets include more than just your social circle. You may use an online account to pay employees, or you might have emails with clients that are in progress when you pass away.

As you assign people to wrap up your digital accounts after you pass away, consider all the information they might need to conclude anything that might be in progress. You may have a business partner who can wrap up your affairs with the company while a close friend oversees your personal email account.