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December 2015 Archives

Fatal head-on collision injures 4 Secret Service officials

Ohio residents might have heard about a head-on collision that left four Secret Service agents injured. The accident happened during the evening of Dec. 29 in New Hampshire. According to the report, the crash occurred on Route 16 after a 45-year-old man traveling in a northbound Mercury Sable traversed the centerline and collided with the Ford Taurus carrying the agents.

Humans at fault in collisions with driverless cars

Driverless cars may be the key when it comes to reducing the number of car accidents in the future. However, currently, Cleveland motorists may be surprised to learn these self-driving vehicles are involved in accidents at twice the rate of human-driven automobiles.

Electronic logging of truck driver hours to be required

Ohio motorists recognize that truck accidents can be some of the most deadly, especially in cases involving a fatigued driver. An accident that involves a dozing driver leaves little opportunity for the tired party to correct their actions, which means that impact could occur at a fast speed. Standards have become increasingly tough as the industry is required to manage driver fatigue. The most recent step involves a requirement for electronic documentation of driving time imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Even small amounts of alcohol can dangerously impair drivers

Ohio residents are likely aware that police often use breath testing equipment to determine whether or not a motorist is impaired. However, they may not realize how even a seemingly low blood alcohol content can make a person less fit to drive. A 12 ounce beer has about the same alcohol content as a shot of liquor or a glass of wine, and any of these drinks can raise the blood alcohol level of a 200-pound man by .02 percent and a 100 pound woman by .04 percent. Drivers cross the threshold of intoxication when their blood alcohol levels reach .08 percent.

New lawsuit filed by Paul Walker's dad

Ohioans who are fans of the "Fast & Furious" movie series may be interested to learn that the late actor Paul Walker's dad, who is the executor of his estate, recently filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles against Porsche. Porsche is the manufacturer of the car in which Mr. Walker was riding at the time of his accident and death.

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