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December 2016 Archives

Ohio employers need to do more for older workers

The modern workforce is changing, and according to research data, a constantly increasing percentage of employees are at least 55 years old. Although employers in fields like construction say that they like these having these workers on their payrolls because they're less prone to injury and more experienced, older employees who do get hurt take longer to heal than younger workers might. They're also at heightened risk for specific kinds of workplace accidents.

Mitigation can reduce workplace injuries and expenses

It was revealed at an International Safety Association meeting that inquiries from companies have been made regarding the measurement criteria that is used to determine the expenses of workplace injuries and safety upgrades. While the incidents of on-the-job-injuries have dropped slightly, the rate of workplace injury-related deaths have not dropped. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 4,821 work-related fatalities occurred in 2014, the highest total since 2008, and some of these deaths likely occurred in Ohio.

There are drunk drivers among us

Much as you would like to believe you will never encounter a problem involving a drunk driver, statistics cited by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) indicate that someone is injured by a drunk driver every two minutes in our country. Even more astonishing is the fact that as much as one-third of all incidents, including crashes, deaths and injuries, are caused by repeat offenders. Learning more about how alcohol affects driving skills will help you recognize a possible drunk driver who may be on the road with you.

Outside worker safety during dangerous weather

Outside workers in Ohio and the rest of country should always be mindful that severe weather can be fatal. While it is necessary that everyone who is in an area with inclement weather to take precautions, those who work outside have to take even more care to remain safe.

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