Our Clients Are Treated Like Family

Russo, Rosalina & Co – A Family Firm | Video Transcript

Basil M. Russo: I established the law firm in 1978. We’ve served the needs of over 100,000 –

[GRAPHIC: Basil M. Russo, President & Managing Partner]

– northeastern Ohioans since we formed our firm. If I had to describe our staff in one sentence, I’d describe them as being very competent, very knowledgeable and, most of all, very friendly.

Gabriella Rosalina: Our atmosphere here is a family-run business.

[GRAPHIC: Gabriella Russo Rosalina, Attorney]

I work here with my father and my husband. Many of our employees have worked with us for a very long time. We’re a very family-oriented, relaxed business

Basil M. Russo: We have a very competent, cordial, congenial staff that is very welcoming to our clients.

Joseph Rosalina: We’ve got two physical locations, one here in Mayfield Heights and one in Parma.

[GRAPHIC: Joseph Rosalina, Attorney]

We’ve seen recently a lot of people are finding us online and we’re able to communicate with them as well.

[GRAPHIC: Joseph Rosalina, Attorney]

People are very comfortable knowing that it’s not just one lawyer, not just two; there’s three lawyers who are for sure looking after your case.